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Lace Frontal & Hair Loss

Lace Frontal & Hair Loss

Lace Frontal & Hair Loss  – Yes, we all nice thick edges and we don’t have the patience to wait and wait for our hair to grow, so the quick fix solution is  Lace Frontal.

As a fascinating fact, Americans are spending billions every year on the new trend Lace Frontal.

But buyer beware: You might have received a fabulous install you  wanted right now, but in the long-term, the consequences are far-ranging. Below is an example


Sewing and pulling literally pulls a woman’s hair out. Some glues can cause an allergic reaction and irritation for some people with particularly sensitive skin.

And while women should expect to lose some of their hair by the age of 50 as a normal part of aging, any unusual loss needs to be evaluated. Many women have prematurely receding hairlines as a result of lace frontal-wigs. This of course can lower their self esteem and make the user feel self conscious.

To minimize the harmful effects of the glue, refrain from using it too often. Avoid this by keeping the lace frontal on for at minimum one week at a time and do not re-apply the glue until the lace frontal is taken off. It is made of various harsh chemicals that are impossible to avoid when using lace frontal.

DO NOT rip the lace frontal off quickly. Be sure to carefully peel it off trying not to peel off hair or skin.

DO NOT not use lace frontal for long periods of time consecutively While these tips will not completely rid you of the damage that a lace frontal can eventually cause, they can help slow their effects.

DO Not get comfortable with hair loss from lace frontal or wigs.




Lace Frontal & Hair Loss

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