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After experiencing severe hair loss from gluing and braided hair extensions which caused traction alopecia left me feeling self-conscious. My only alternative was to wear a wig, hair extensions were out of the question if I ever wanted to nourish and re-grow my natural hair.

Hair extensions had become a band-aid that would no longer stick. After prayer 🙏 for restoration to my natural hair and a “long term solution” to get through feelings of self-consciousness and depression when looking at my thin, balding hairline in the mirror, the time had come to purchase a wig.

  The idea of wearing a hair piece and being able to remove freely knowing it would more healthier than hair extensions and the fact that I would able to regularly remove the hair piece and wash and deep condition in order to start organic treatments to my natural hair weekly rather than monthly. 

The only drawback was the wig purchased was a stock wig and did not fit comfortably.  The hair line was too thick and heavy and would hide my facial features, the fit was not snug, and it felt like wearing a hat.

Realizing the vast need for a comfortable fit inspired me to design a custom glue-less measured to fit base.  This heartfelt inspiration resulted in a 100% hand-tied, lightweight breathable, natural looking hairpiece with custom color, cut and style.

Through my personal hair-loss experience I found my purpose in life and confirming that faith, hope along with prayer do change things experiencing hair-loss changed my life and many others.

Experiencing hair loss inspired me to think of others who may be dealing with unforeseen hair loss from medical conditions such as cancer, alopecia, lupus, hormone & vitamin deficiencies to name a few.

We believe sharing our testimony will inspire and educate others whom also may be dealing with hair loss and the damaging side effects of hair extensions,  lace wigs, frontals and the harmful aspects of gluing, bonding, and braiding when used improperly.

 A natural looking hair pieces can be one of the best keep secret when custom design designed for you specifically.

Understanding the importance of depositing back nourishing treatments that are formulated to heal ,nourish and protect the scalp is vital while wearing custom wigs, hairpieces or hair extensions.

 Our mission is to educate in maintaining a healthy hair-scalp pH balance while wearing a custom hair design to redeem one’s pH balance which will result in a healthy scalp and foster hair growth.

 Our hair, scalp, & skin need to be treated like our bodies  ~ with lots of love… and it is our passion to help you on your healthy natural hair and scalp restoration journey.  

We consider hair loss to be private and personal.

Custom Human Hair Wig Inspiration

We consider hair loss to be private and personal.

Custom Human Hair Wig Inspiration

Custom Human Hair Wig Inspiration