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Repair Lace Wig – Hairpieces

Repair Lace Wig – Hairpieces we rectify Hair Loss On Lace Front Wig, Silk Top Closures, Tears On Bases, Replacing Elastic, Replacing Lace.

Have a wig or hairpiece purchased from another provider that needs repairs, we can solve that issue.

Repairs are essential to maintain lifespan of a wig or hairpiece including color & style.Repair Lace Wig - Hairpieces

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FYI: How to wash, condition, dry and maintain a custom hairpiece to increase lifespan.

Clean your hair piece with a mild shampoo, use cream type Conditioners that do NOT contain Lanolin, polymers, or heavy oils. Use leave on spray conditioner also to keep the hair soft and pliable.

Use a lightweight conditioner once per week to prevent dryness and a leave-in detangler spray to keep the hair from tangling to avoid breakage, never use any alcohol based styling aids as they will dry the hair. We offer superior handcrafted organic hair care to maintain both your natural hair and the hairpiece.


Repair Lace Wig – Hairpieces

Repair Lace Wig - Hairpieces

We specialize in hair loss using organic hair care solutions